Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My very FIRST YouTube video

Seriously I have been wanting to do videos for such a long time.  Back when I first started my blog and my Graceful by Anna business I wanted to do videos too but with my Daycare, Graceful by Anna, Blog and School I had no time for it.  Then Graceful by Anna got busy and my Blog kinda went down the drain.  Once I moved to North Dakota last year I kept telling myself I was going to make time and just focus on Graceful by Anna and do my Blog again and film videos but after my Dad passed away life got a little rough there for a while and I've just been trying to make sure I am ok.  Future Hubs and I got engaged in the fall and we were buying a house that we finally moved into a couple months ago so pretty much I've just been unpacking, decorating, planning our wedding, and doing TONS of DIY wedding projects.  After our wedding I will have lots and lots of Wedding Tutorials to share with ya'll
 (I've made sure to take lots of step by step pictures along the way so I can share).  
Chase your dreams people and do what you WANT TO DO and try not to let things get in the way or they will keep you from doing what you want to do.
Today I was determined to share my first video with you.  I was so nervous and scared but didn't let that fear get in my way and uploaded away!  Yay me! ;)
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Watch my FIRST YouTube Video:
Thank you for reading and watching!