Friday, February 22, 2013

Cheddar Bacon Pork Chops

Since moving to our little small town a month ago I have been cooking almost every night.  There is absolutely no fast food, which I am so HAPPY about!
We have gone out to dinner at a restaurant 4 times, picked up a pizza once, and two nights ago when we drove into a bigger town an hour away we treated ourselves to Hardees(Carls Jr.), other than that we have had a home cooked meal every night, made by me!
I've been trying to be creative and try new things.
A couple weeks ago I was shopping and stumbled across these seasoning packages with cheese and breadcrumbs and decided to get a couple to see how they were.
Oh my goodness was dinner ever YUMMY!!! 
Here's what I bought:
I got this one and the Cheddar Bacon one too.
I forgot to take a picture before of the Cheddar one but this is what the packaging looks like if you want to try them.
I used pork chops when I made the Cheddar Bacon one.

All you do is dip your meat into water, one piece at a time.
Then put it into the bag with the cheese and breadcrumb mix.
(I shook the bag around real good before)
The first piece the mix didn't stick on very well so the 2nd piece I squooshed my hands around the bag to try to get it on really good.  It helped to coat it much better when I did that.
Just lay them out on a cookie sheet and bake them following the instructions on the package.
They were  nice and crispy on the outside and the seasonings were so good!
The meat was tender and the chesse under the crispy goodness was soft. 
We really enjoyed these!
I had a lot of fun making dinner too.
Another great thing was there was no mess!!!  ;)  I hate cleaning!
I served ours with green beans and roasted potatoes. 
My mouth is watering seeing these pictures!
These are seriously one of my new favorite things to use to make dinner!!
I can't wait to try the Italian Parmesan.
Let me know if you try them!  I'd love to hear what you think.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Got My Hair Did!

I went to a Professional!
What is my natural hair color you're wondering?  My natural hair color is dirty blonde.  Most of my life I have had short or shoulder length hair so it was easy for me to play around with my hair and change the color all the time.  Every couple months I'd do something different from light blonde to black or highlights.  In 2008 I started growing my hair long.  I have ALWAYS dyed my hair myself so once my hair got to be really long it was difficult to bleach on my own so it's been various shades of brown since.  I have major trust issues when it comes to my hair!  Have any of you had horrible experiences?  I HAVE with hair cuts and because of this my fear of something going terribly wrong with the color has made me not trust anyone to dye my hair.    
After 19 years of coloring my hair on my own I finally went to a salon and had a professional dye my hair for me.  I can't tell you how nervous I was! 
This was my color before:

My hair was really dark brown and the first colorist I went to was scared my hair wasn't going to take so she did some highlights to begin with. 
The color was really pretty with the highlights throughout my hair but I want to be blonde again. 
I'm sick of having to dye my hair every 3-4 weeks!
I had my hair dyed in December just before Christmas

So on Weds I had another appointment and now I'm back to my dirty blonde hair.  I'm loving it!

What do you think??
Hope you all are having a fabulous week.
Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Way to Your Mans Heart

Just 1 more week until Valentine's Day!!
What are you doing for your boyfriend or husband for Valentine's Day??
Everyone knows the way to a mans heart is through his stomach!
HAHA!  I'm kidding!
.....actually, I'm not! ;)
Here are some fabulous ideas of things to make for your man:
Breakfast in Bed:
How sweet are these Fruit Skewers and so simple to make! 
Just use a heart shaped cookie cutter and stick em on a skewer or popsicle stick.
Love this!!
Can't forget the main course.  Men love some meat, right?
I'm sure this sandwich tastes as good as it looks.  M'm 
To make take two pieces of bread, ham and cheese.
Grill one side, flip over and cut out the center.
Crack an egg and let it cook inside the hole you just made with your cookie cutter.
Don't forget to grill your small heart too.
What's more romantic than a picnic lunch??
Put together a picnic basket and head out for a romantic picnic together.
What do you pack for a picnic?
I suggest some plastic plates and even plastic wine glasses!
Make some really yummy sandwiches.
Veggies like carrots, celery and cucumbers.
Fruit, you could even make the fruit skewers and put them in a baggie or tupperware.
For a sweet treat bring along some chocolate covered strawberries or cupcakes. ;)
Some wine!
Don't forget a blanket and a couple pillows.
If you want to make it a dinner date instead of lunch bring some candles to set the mood.
Make his FAVORITE meal!
I have no idea what your man's favorite meal is, but make it!
Set a beautiful table and ENJOY!! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Year, New Home!

Wow!  It's been quite a while since I've been on my blog.
I got so busy with my shop that with working and fulfilling orders I couldn't keep up.
In the past year I have moved from California to Colorado, met my boyfriend
and moved again with him to our new home in North Dakota.
my little small town ;)
CRAZY... I know!
But..... I'M BACK!!!
I will be writing about my life in gerenal, love, family, recipes, crafts AND not to mention,
I'll be bringing back Mega Deal Monday, so keep checking back here for amazing deals.
For first looks at what I am working on and exclusive coupons follow me on Facebook.
Hope the New Year has been a HAPPY one for you all!  ;)