Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY Crafting Supply Jars

If you're a crafter like me then I'm sure you have random baggies of beads, buttons, etc.  This is an inexpensive and easy way to make it all look cute, pretty and most importantly... ORGANIZED!

You all know I have an In-Home Daycare so I have baby food jars on hand, but for those of you that don't either ask a friend to save them up for you or you can buy them at your local Big Lots for
30-60 cents each.  Thats still much cheaper than buying individual containers!

Here's what you need:
Baby food jars, spray paint (the color of your choice) and stickers if you want to use them.

Step 1:
Empty out the contents of the jars and wash them with soap and water.  Dry them thoroughly.
Then take the lids and the spray paint outside and paint the tops only. 
Let them dry COMPLETELY. 

Step 2:
Then apply the stickers to label the contents of the jar. 

I left mine blank only because I can see what inside and didn't want to use up all my stickers, but it does make them look so much cuter!!  I may just have to go out and get more stickers to label them!

Just 2 easy steps!!
Now wasn't that simple!!  :)

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