Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Halloween Costume Trophies

Ok so just like my problem finding awards for the winners at my Pumpkin Carving Party I also couldn't find any type of awards for the Costumes either.
So again I made my own.
I wanted them to look like trophies so I was trying to think of ways to make them on my own.
I thought of using candle sticks, which would work but they were all so expensive!
Then the idea came to me.
This whole project cost me $12.00
What you need:
Glass jars of various shapes and sizes, Spray paint, heavy duty glue that works on glass and the materials you are working with, Skeleton heads, wooden shapes, and craft paint.

Step 1:
Clean the jars with soap and water and then let them dry completely

Step 2:
Glue the lids to the jars and glue any jars on top of each other if you are stacking them.
Then glue the wooden shapes to the top that the heads will rest on.

Step 3:
Spray paint them all black. (sorry don't have a picture).

Step 4:
While the jars are drying start painting the heads.
I used a silver metalic paint mixed with some black to paint my heads.
I had to paint about 5 different coats to get them looking how I wanted to.

Step 5:
Print up labels to attach to the trophies.
I used Most Creative Costume, Scariest Costume, and Funniest Costume.
I tried looking for metallic labels everywhere with no luck so I went through all
my scrapbooking paper and found one that I liked. 
I cut the 12"x12" scrapbooking paper down to 81/2x11 so I could put
the paper through my printer.
Then I went onto word and typed up the wording using various fonts.
The fonts I used were Honey Bunches, Zombie Holocaust, and Circus.
Then I printed out the words on the paper and cut the paper to fit on the trophies.
(sorry no pictures for this part either).

Step 6:
I glued the labels onto the jars. 
Then I took black rhinestones and embellished around the label.

Step 7:
Then I glued the head on the top.

I am thrilled with how they came out!!
Can't wait for my party to give them out to the winners!!  ;)

This whole project including drying time took about 10 hours. 
If I didn't have to wait so long for the paint to dry on the heads it would've been much faster. 
Next year I will probablly just use spray paint instead of the acyrlic paint.

Let me know if you make them and please send me pictures!! 

All of my homemade HALLOWEEN party awards!!

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