Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man

Dat-ing    [deyt-ing]
 verb, dat·ed, dat·ing.
1. to go out socially on dates: She dated a lot during high school.
2. to make a date with; go out on dates with: He's been dating his best friend's sister.

“The key to successful dating is ... rather than focusing solely on finding and winning over that one and only right person, use this time in your life to learn about yourself and about relationships and to become a better partner. Being single can offer a unique advantage in the pursuit of good relationships. You have the opportunity to step back, take an inventory, learn and grow, and be far more ready for a healthy relationship. Instead of leaping headlong into the next romance, slow down and make some personal discoveries that will increase your chances of having your future relationships be more successful”. NINA ATWOOD, Be Your Own Dating Service

Dating to me is when you are getting to know someone to see if you are compatible and enjoy each other’s company doing various activities or just talking, or not saying anything at all...  I think the right time to start dating is when you are in a good place in all aspects of your life and you are ready to find someone to share your life with.  Timing is everything and if you are not in a good place you are setting yourself up for failure.  No one wants to date someone who is emotionally unstable or who has a ton of baggage they need to unpack and sort out.  I personally think it’s a waste of time to date until you’ve got your s#*t together.  Excuse my language but that’s the only way to put it.  I have been on countless dates where all these BOYS weren’t even looking for a relationship.  All they wanted was to find someone to sleep with.  Sorry dudes peace out!  My tip for dating- value yourself, put yourself and your needs first and know what you are looking for.  What qualities are most important to you?  What do you want?  Are you ready for marriage?  Do you want kids?  Is smoking a major turn off?  Do NOT settle!!  Your ideal partner IS out there, you just have to keep looking.  Don’t waste your time either.  If you are dating this super hot guy but he smokes or is extremely rude to people while you’re out you need to take a step back and listen to your instincts.  Don’t waste your time and go on another date with them.  Why would you??  My favorite book on dating is Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man by Steve Harvey.  Men, sorry not sure if this book will be helpful for you but ladies go out and buy a copy or check it out from your local Library and READ IT!!  I struggled for a long time with dating, wasting so much time with loser guys who treated me badly.  This book helped open my eyes to all the stupid stuff I put myself through. It was my own fault for allowing them to treat me the way they did.  After reading the book I changed my style of dating and made sure if there was some flag that went off while on the date that was something that was important to me that I didn’t waste my time going on another date with them.  Why torture yourself?  

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