Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY Halloween Art

So you wanna decorate your house for halloween but your artwork doesn't fit in and to buy artwork to hang up to replace your own art is too expensive or the pictures they have are just too small. 
Why not just cover your own art and paint your own halloween art?

Here's what you need:

Your own art piece you want to cover.  Big black, white or orange trash bag.  Staple gun or heavy duty tape.  White paint (or paint color of your choice), and a paint brush.

Lay the trash bag flat on the ground and lay your artwork face down on top.  My canvas was really big (24x30) so I bought the 30 gallon trash bag. If your art work is bigger you can cut the trash bag to make it bigger too. I was able to leave the trash bag as is without having to cut it open.  

Then staple the trash bag along the edges.  Try not to staple so much, this is your artwork and you may want to have somewhere to staple to do this for another holiday.  I just staple in each corner and one in the middle.  If your artwork doesn't have a wood frame to staple into use heavy duty tape and tape the bag to the inside of the frame. Remember to PULL TIGHT as you staple so you have a nice surface on the other side.  It will be wrinkly from the folds but it doesn't look bad.  

When your done it'll look like this.

Cut off the excess edges so its not bulky or hanging down when you hang up your picture.

Much cleaner!

Now turn it over and you have a blank canvas to paint on.  I went online and typed in spooky art in Google and got an inspiration picture.  Then I went to work.  Don't try to be perfect.  Its just for halloween, it can be sloppy!!

I seriously didn't spend much time.  It took me about 15 minutes to do the WHOLE project. 
 It literally cost me nothing since I had everything already! 

Hang up your art and you're done!! 
Hope you have fun covering up your art!!! :)

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