Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Costume Candy Award Ideas

I'm having a Halloween Party and want to give out awards for different costumes.  I've been trying to think of creative ideas for awards because all I have seen are ribbons or statues that are way overpriced or super tacky!!  The other night my boyfriend and I started talking about different candies that could be given out for certain costumes.
Here is the list that we came up with.  Please share any other ideas!! 
 I'd love to hear them!!!
Sexiest Woman Costume:

Sexiest Mens Costume:
Doctor or Nurse:


Lumber Jack:

Out of this World:

And my Favorite!!!  WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU???


  1. Ring pop, starburst or pop rocks for pop celebrity/rock star

    Baby ruth- Baby related costume

    Skittles- most colorful/rainbowish

    candy corn- corniest costume

    warheads- military

    pixie stix-fairy costume

  2. Melissa I LOVE those ideas! Super cute! Thank you! You know whats funny. The very first thing my boyfriend said was the candy corn being the corniest too but I completely forgot that one!! I just went shopping the other night and found Sweet tarts that could be used for the best Couples costume. I really love your ideas! I'm gonna use them!! ;) Thanks for sharing!

    <3 Anna