Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY Spooky Trees

How to make Spooky Trees?  Here's what you need.

Paper bag, bottle of water (I liked the shape of the Coke bottle so I filled it up with water since I drank it already).  A Big rubber band (I didn't have one so I used some ribbon).  Tiny rubber bands.  A big stone or something heavy to put at the bottom to weigh it down.  Something to fill the tree with.  I used wood chips from outside!  Scissors.  And some black spray paint if you want to paint it.  I'm still deciding if I'm gonna paint it....

Cut off the bottom of the bag and cut a slit down the middle of it so it looks like this. 
You can toss the bottom of the bag, you won't need it.

Place the bottle in the middle of the bag and wrap the bag around the bottle. 
Put the rubber band (or ribbon) around to hold it in place.

Now cut your two big flaps into 3 stips on each so you have 6 strips of the paper bag.
Take one of those pieces and start twisting it.  Be careful not to tear it.  I did tear some of mine but it does hide easily but be careful!.  Keep twisting until you have about 2 1/2 inches left. 
Take a tiny rubber band and secure the branch.
Now cut the remaining 2 1/2 inches of paper bag into 3 or 4 strips.
Twist each of those like you did the branch.

I've made two of the trees so far. The first time I didn't fill the bag up until I finished twisting the whole tree but I feel like if you fill it first then you can totally just work with the tree without having to worry about taking the bottle out and filling it.  I think it was easier to fill it first but you can see what you like best.

Just continue to twist all the branches and this is what you get! 
Such an easy project and costs about 10 cents! 

Its a cute way to add spooky touches throughout your home!

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