Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ghost Footprint Art

I am a huge fan of hand and footprint art!  Especially with the lil ones who can't quite paint or draw on their own... yet!!  I have tons of different ideas for every occasion.  Subscribe to my blog and check back often to see them all!

Construction paper, white paint, paint brush, wiggly eyes, and baby wipes (a MUST).
I use the acrylic paint, I have found it wipes off the easiet and dries the fastest!  Best when you have multiple steps and you don't want to mix the paint or smear it everywhere.  I also like to use a small fan brush but you could even use the sponges too. 

Paint one foot at a time and stamp the paper with their foot.  I like them to stand so its easiest to just step their foot onto the paper.  I stamp one foot and then wipe it clean with baby wipes, then repeat with the other foot.

My favorite wiggly eyes are the self adhesive kind.  They're a little more expensive but its so much easier not to mess with the glue!  Put your wiggly eyes on and your done!! 



  1. Cute...I'll have to do this with Gage :)

  2. Oh his tiny feet will be so precious! ;) I have lots of Halloween hand and foot art ideas. I will be posting in the next couple weeks, in time for Halloween. Hopefully you can make them all.